How to be your own boss using existing Apps

Being your own boss sounds great. The realization that you have a set of skills that are marketable or can be offered to the highest bidder put you in a position of power around your own life. Your challenges suddenly are greater, like financial shortage and a private financial institute like Discovery Credit could always help with.

The good thing about a situation like this is that no longer you’ll be thrown in the wild of a job market where you’ll have to do endless networking to score a client. The internet has made the act of being your own boss easier than ever.

By installing these apps, you’ll open the door to unending jobs suited to your professional skills and you’ll be able to build professional relationships that will bring you more business from repeating customers that are happy with your services. Let’s take a look at what they are:

  1. Freelancer and Upwork: These are essentially the two premiere apps to hire Freelancers online, there are other platforms but these are the most sought after by employers who are continually contacting and subcontracting jobs around the web, they both work on rating systems where your clients will leave a feedback for the quality of the work done for them. You can find the most diverse jobs online on both apps, from web designers to typing jobs.

  1. CPlus for Craiglist: People tend to overlook Craiglist as a place to find weird stuff for sale. Those who know better are aware of the amount of freelancing jobs offered on almost every single niche available online. The best way to approach a gig on this app is to pay attention to the hiring party’s reputation before engaging.
  2. Duffel: Organization is key if you are planning to be your own boss and Duffel allows you to do that in very easy fashion. Keep track of every email related to work and handy organized with this app and never lose anything even if you delete it by accident.
  3. Shake: The main issue many people have with freelancing is the fact that your employer can drop out of notice or renegotiate your payment and you have no way to avoid the inconvenience sort of ending empty-handed if you are not using a tracking platform to collect your earnings for a job. Shake will allow you to build a smart contract where you’ll set up the conditions of a job before getting it done and it will help you collect your money under the legal terms of your location.
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