Tips to choose a best car cover

Nobody knows it: having a car is a cost and it is important to take care of it to ensure a good life. Whether for the body or the vehicle interior, car cover and covers are numerous on the market: covers, windshields, car seat covers etc..

But how to choose between all these offers ? 


Above all, it is important to determine what your need is and therefore what will be the use of your car cover.

If your vehicle is parked under a roof or in a garage, a cover will prevent soiling such as the footprints of your cat (and the scratches that ensue) or the dust that settles when you do DIY activities not far away.

If your car is continuously outside, you will need to opt for a good quality car cover that resists bad weather and protects deposits of nature (pollen, droppings …).

To choose the cover adapted to your vehicle, know that you are the only one to know what suits you according to the flap necessary to attach it correctly: first, measure your car well.

To find your bearings, note that the dimensions of our car covers are always indicated in the same order on our product sheets: length x width x height. You have the choice between standard vehicle covers or covers for new, higher 4×4 vehicles, sometimes with protective sleeves for mirrors.

To save time and if your car model is present

Regarding the properties of the cover, the ideal is a breathable material (or micro-perforated) to evacuate the condensation and with a self-shining cotton inner lining to avoid possible scratches.

The straps or elastics of maintenance are also important so that it remains well in place: it must not rub against the bodywork at the slightest wind. The covering of the tarpaulin should if possible be anti-UV to prevent cracking during hot weather and impervious to protect the body from rain. The most widely used materials are PEVA (recyclable material without phthalates) and polypropylene cotton.

But a car cover can also be a simple frost cover that covers the entire top of the car (and therefore all windows) or a windshield cover only. The purpose, in this case, is especially to avoid the chore of scratching the windshield in the morning, which tends to put us late!



By car cover, one also evokes the car seat covers protecting the seat, the armrests and the headrests. Indeed, when you buy a car, we do not always have the choice of the colors of e seats and if you do not like them the seat cover is perfect to embellish them without having to change everything. The covers can also be used to protect the new seats from the wear and tear of long-term clothes, animal hair or possible stains. And if you have a car whose original seats are damaged because they have aged badly, a nice cover can hide the degradation and give them a facelift.

Their use may vary depending on the purpose but it is important to choose them well suited to your vehicle. It is necessary to take measurements of your front seats because the same car model can have different seat dimensions depending on its year of construction.

Favoring the universal car cover is the right solution, they can always adapt to the best. However, it must be comfortable, the fabric is well tensioned and does not slip for good support. If you want a cover covering your seats in every nook and cranny, the solution can also be to order made-to-measure textile but it is very expensive.

Then, aesthetic level, you can find on the market different models in polyester or polyurethane foam and gray, blue or pink, for example. It can also be advantageous to opt for offers with matching carpet and covers.


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